Our story of
The Spirit of Gin

What happens when… two sisters, two hammer happy husbands, a 35-year-old horse trailer and a love for a good gin and tonic come together…?

Let us introduce you to The Spirit of Gin…

We are a family from Bedfordshire who have lovingly and aesthetically converted a horse trailer into a mobile gin and tonic bar. Taking our inspiration from the captivating history of the ‘Dutch Courage’, ‘Mothers Ruin’ or quite simply gin; where this spirit was once used for medicinal purposes circa 17th century. We wanted to bring this piece of history into our bar; therefore, our interior and style is that of a Victorian apothecary. We can’t promise to cure your aches and pains, but we can prescribe a quality gin and premium tonic whilst you take a step back in time with The Spirit of Gin…

Sisters, Stacey and Gemma have always been close siblings – so when the idea was discussed to go into business together, well… there was no discussion! Supplying a classic and timeless tipple to the masses from an apothecary themed horse trailer! Who would say no…?!

And of course, their late father Michael; also, fondly known as ‘Senor Mick’ had always inspired them into doing what they love and turning it into a business. So, they listened and The Spirit of Gin journey ‘beGins’…

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