Gin Mare

Garnish: Rosemary.

This gin has long been the reference point for a spirit that has pushed the boundary of what a gin could taste like – with bold tones of rosemary, thyme, olive and basil included in the botanical lineup – it is unusual, savoury but balanced.

Mahon Gin Xoriguer

Garnish: Blackberries.

One of Marg’s favs…Xoriguer traces its origins back to British sailors stationed in Menorca. Desperate for a good G&T, but unable to get any in local bars, they took to importing juniper berries and distilling their own. This gin is dominated by fruit flavours such as grapes and orange with an abundance of juniper. Chamomile, lemon zest and almond play subtle roles while black pepper is a more prominent spicy addition.

Bombay Sapphire

Garnish: Lemon.

Ahhh…the ionic blue bottle, one of the worlds most recognised gins. Juniper, coriander, angelica, almonds, cubeb berries, lemon peel, orris, liquorice, cassia bark and grains of paradise come together to form a fresh and lively gin. Bombay Sapphire defining character has to be the fact that it is light and crisp with a warm peppery finish.


Garnish: Orange.

We couldn’t have a Apothecary themed gin bar and not have Pothecary on the lineup… Award winning Pothecary gin features organic, hand-picked botanicals including lavender, Tilia flowers, black mulberries, juniper and lemon peel. Pothcary is a distinctive gin with a smooth and mellow character. It is a treat for the floral gin fans!


Garnish: Orange.

One for our lads… Brockmans is beautifully made, intensely smooth gin to be enjoyed into the wee hours. It is deliciously sumptuous with a daring allure… the Bulgarian coriander plays its part, it has an aromatic, almost gingery orange flavour, which marries beautifully with the softer, more rounded harmonies of blueberries and blackberries. A firm favourite for those who like ‘spice in their life’

Tanqueray No. Ten

Garnish: Grapefruit.

The icon, the bartender’s best friend, the classic green bottle! This gin has a huge depth of character and an uplifting freshness inherent through the full bodied grapefruit and chamomile hit to it, there’s still plenty of juniper in the mix, as well as a lovely floral note on the nose, but the smooth citrus finish is what makes this one of the most recognised gin on the market.

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