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Bloom Garnish: Strawberry.

Bloom may have a strong citrus and floral mix, but is also distinctly recognisable as gin with a clear juniper soul. Just trust us with those strawberries – this particular garnish and premium tonic combination take Bloom to a whole new level…


Garnish: Lemon.

One of the world’s most award winning gin brand. Herno’s 8 botanicals (Juniper, coriander, pepper, cassia, vanilla, lemon peel, meadowsweet and the uniquely Swedish lingon berries) combine to create a complex and intriguing gin with a juniper character.

Sipsmith London Dry

Garnish: Lime.

Sipsmith balances a whole host of aromatic botanicals to create a drink that is dry, spicy and full of character. Each botanical plays its part but a noteworthy few namely being liquorice, coriander and angelica play distinctive roles.

Warner Edwards Rhubarb

Garnish: Orange.

Warner Edwards use ‘Curiosity’ to soften the rhubarb and then extract the juice through traditional pressing methods. This fabulous liquid is combined with their global award winning Harrington Dry Gin and just enough sugar to balance the acidity. The result is a rumbustious gin with a big burst of rhubarb which is a glory on its own and beautiful with either a tonic or ginger ale.

Two Birds

Garnish: Orange.

The botanicals used in Two Birds are kept a closely guarded secret, however we can reveal four of the five ingredients (leaving you to guess the last…we think angelica) they include of course juniper, orris root, coriander and citrus. Fresh spring water taken from deep beneath the Charnwood hills is then added to bring Two Birds to its strength of 40% ABV.

Silent Pool

Garnish: Lime.

Silent Pool is produced in the Surrey Hills right next to the Silent Pool, a beautiful mysterious spring-fed lake – what a place to create a gin! This gin features 24 botanicals including kaffir lime, chamomile, local honey and lavender, resulting in a subtly sweet though intricately balanced tipple.

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