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Ailments and maladies should not restrict you from pursuing your intended frivolities. The Spirit of Gin can supply a restorative tincture or select tonic for even the most extreme afflictions.

Our remedies and infusions are underway; we await your prescription requests…

Health & Beauty


Garnish: Strawberry
Bloom may have a strong citrus and floral mix, but is also distinctly recognisable as gin with a clear juniper soul..


Garnish: Lemon
One of the world’s most award winning gin brand. Herno’s 8 botanicals (Juniper, coriander, pepper, cassia, vanilla and lemon peel..


gin mare

Garnish: Rosemary
This gin has long been the reference point for a spirit that has pushed the boundary of what a gin could taste like..

mahon gin xoriguer

Garnish: Blackberries
One of Marg’s favs…Xoriguer traces its origins back to British sailors stationed in Menorca..

euphoric enhancers

gunpowder gin

Garnish: Raspberries
This one’s for our Irish side…Gunpowder is distilled at the edge of a lake, in a little shed in a small Irish town..

fifty pounds gin

Garnish: Lemon
Fifty Pound Gin takes his name from one of the darkest times in Britain’s past and one of the most controversial in the history of Gin..

stress relievers

hendricks gin

Garnish: Cucumber
This is a ‘Gemma Gin’ there is no doubt Hendricks has spearheaded gins resurgence from the early 2000’s..

portobello road gin

Garnish: Lime
This gin is dry and spicy, big on nutmeg, cassia and coriander seeds. It leaves you a cracked pepper-like finish..

“Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine” – Casablanca

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